BUT I had a DREAM…

Work on releasing your plans/visions over to God so he can step in and blow your mind with the DREAMS that HE has for you!!

Celebrating 4 years here in Brooklyn!!

I can remember back to all of the Martin Luther King Jr. days growing up and thinking about how brave he was and such a powerhouse to put himself out there to speak about deep issues that our nation needed to address.

One thing about me, I am a dreamer and have always been one in regards to seeing things on the spiritual level. It took me a while to understand that it was a gift from God and what they mean. But, I’m not here to talk about those kinds of dreams in that format but about the dreams that you may or may not have for your life.

Taking a look back to 2104

Let’s rewind back to 2014 when I actually started to have a dream for my life. I’m going to give you some context leading up to that moment. I lost my dream job (Stay tuned for more of that journey story dropping this Sunday 1/23/22) and I was feeling hopeless and lost. Then on top of that I had to move back home to Houston which I vowed to myself that I would NEVER go back to LOL! I remember feeling so embarrassed, useless, forgotten, like a failure, a disappointment, and confused to why this was happening to me.

So in 2015, I started my healing journey and discovery journey to build my faith and trust with God. I felt like he let me drown and forgot about me. What I thought was my dream job and path for my life was not the dream that God had for me. That was one of the hardest pills to swallow. Letting go of your own dreams and allowing God to reveal HIS dreams for your life will take sooooo much surrender and trust on your part. That honestly took me some years to begin to step into that and trust that HIS dreams are going to take me to another level in HIM. As we all know that anytime that we have opposition presented to us, our natural response is to revert back to what’s comfortable and our defense mechanisms. I currently battle with the full surrender and allowing God to be God in my life especially in this new season of life that I’m in. Even in that battle that I am in with surrendering my will/dreams to God, I have had numerous of victories to overcome those fearful thoughts and moments that would send me back to my old way of thinking and living.

The stretching that must take place

Let’s talk about what it looks like to allow God to stretch you and reveal HIS dreams to you. When God revealed that I needed to move to New York back in January of 2017, I fought the idea and told him I’m not moving here because the people are so mean and rude. I have no purpose there. I’m getting back into a nice groove here in Houston and can’t leave now because Hey! G.I.R.L. my ministry was just getting started and I needed to grow it there. God was so adamant about me moving to New York that he used signs and random people to talk about New York to me in some kind of way. Let’s just say that I got the point by the 4th day of this continuous pattern of confirmations.

I talked to God and said “OK why New York and not Los Angeles?” He told me “Candyce there are people who need to meet you, so they can meet me!” I was soooo confused by that and didn’t view myself in the manner that could carry that out let alone be so much of a testimony that would leave people thinking wow there’s something different about her that I am curious about. I knew that I possessed the light of Christ and I walked in that but I never thought that it was needed 1,500 miles away. That goes to show you how much wider and grander God’s dreams are for us. *Disclaimer, I’m not saying that God will have each of you moving like he did me to carryout HIS dreams for your life. He can do that right where you are. Inviting him in and surrendering your dreams to HIM, will leave space for HIS plans to make room to set you up for the next phase of HIS plans.*

My 4 year Anniversary reflections

This being my 4th MLK day that I’ve celebrated here in New York, is living proof that HIS DREAMS and plans for my life are far greater and more mind-blowing that I have experienced thus far in my life. I have experienced sooooooo many highs and lows here but I see what God is doing in and through me as I am still on my journey of Becoming THAT person who He has created me to be. There have been so many times when I’ve questioned God about me coming here because I didn’t see anything really changing around me. He first had to show me that he needed to do a major work on my heart to unlearn and learn so much more about HIM then I had every experienced before. God was showing me who HE truly is and how much I needed to grow into this person who I am today. He also reminded me of the message he told me before he sent me here and in that moment I went back and replayed every situation that I was involved in to see how I am living that out daily. I’ve been on huge Televisions sets where I’ve been able to shine my light brightly and to show love and even in my everyday interactions with people. That’s what God was meaning by his message to me and for me to challenge those thoughts and situations that caused me to fight against that message which has been revealing the DREAMS that HE has for me.

I am walking daily in the DREAMS that he has for me and it gives me a greater sense of appreciation for myself and to see myself as necessary through the lenses of God to carry out the purpose and destiny that HE has for me. He thought about how needed that I would be here in Brooklyn, New York before the formation of the Earth to send me here on January 15,2018 Martin Luther King Jr. Day to help his children BECOME THAT PERSON WHO THEY WERE CREATED TO BE!!

Now that’s a DREAM that is coming true day by day. He is still revealing HIS dreams for me moment by moment all while I am working on what’s next. The Holy Spirit and I have become MUCH closer and I can say that I would’ve made it this far without it. One last thing, I was ready to leave New York last year to start a new adventure and God said that’s not what I have for you. You still have work to do and I am SOOOOOO glad that I stayed because my journey is growing more beautiful and full of endless possibilities and revelations of who HE has created me to be.

I will leave you with my favorite quote from Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. “You don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”


I pray that this post has blessed you, please type your takeaways below in the comments and share this with some friends!!

Love y’all and until next time… Work on releasing your plans/visions over to God so he can step in and blow your mind with the DREAMS that HE has for you!!


  1. I remember when I prayed on 1/31/2003 and asked God to open a door for me and if He did, I would not question Him; but, walk through and trust Him. The ride has been interesting, but I am so much further than I would have been had I stayed in Oklahoma.


  2. Yes, it’s important to release our dreams and truly accept that GOD has particular plans and purposes for each of us that normally don’t line up to our “little” dreams. I’m proud of you for stepping out on faith and sharing your story with others.


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