I felt like I was finding gold every time I found a scripture that spoke directly to my situations at that time.

Let me first start off my saying, I have gone through several phases of loving to read and hating to read. As a young child, I absolutely loved to read. We had a nice size bookshelf and I would find myself reading those books to myself or to my dolls. My mother’s animation while reading books to us partnered with her passion of reading and education sparked a love to read within me.

Here comes the part when I talk about the hate/burnout that I received while reading which caused me to stop reading all together. You may or may not know this but my degree is in Biology Pre-Med with a minor in Chemistry so you already know that there was soooooooo much reading that had to take place right.

I have graduated from College over 10 years ago now and I am JUST now getting my love for reading back. One thing that I had to tell myself was that not every book is a text book with tons and tons of information that I have to read and take notes for because I am having an exam on it next week. I seriously think that I was traumatized by all of my books.

The next thing was that I had to realize that there are millions of amazing helpful books that actually add value to my life and won’t overwork my brain cells LOL.

Oddly enough after I graduated and started teaching, I became a Science and READING teacher LOL and that was hilarious to me because I strongly disliked to read but the more and more that I did it with my students, it softened my heart some to be open to start reading again. Let me tell you how funny God’s sense of humor is. Not only did I teach Reading, I even worked part-time while I was teaching at a BOOKSTORE LOL, talk about staring your enemy in the face non-stop right!!

Thinking back, my sad reality during this entire journey was the fact that I hadn’t even been reading my Bible. I couldn’t tell you the last time that I had actually taken the time to consistently read it before I started teaching. I brought it with me to college but I don’t recall making time to I sit and read it on a regular basis.

When I started going back to church and getting more involved with church and the ladies ministry back in 2010, I could tell that my desire to read the Bible started to increase. That was the first time that I remember sitting and falling in love with a book all over again. I would sit for hours just reading and learning about people of the Bible. But most importantly that was the true start for me to get to know who God is and who Jesus was on Earth.

I felt like I was finding gold every time I found a scripture that spoke directly to my situations at that time. My life was far from perfect then and still is but the beauty of it all was, by me choosing to intentionally dig deeper into the Bible it opened up my heart and mind to learn more about Jesus and how I should strive to be more and more like him.

Fast forward to 11 years later, I am back to LOVING reading and have read some life-changing books that have truly helped me along the way. My girlfriends and I are starting a Book Club and we are going to read The Beautiful Outlaw and I know that this will be a great book to read because as you grow on your journey of becoming, you will get to know Jesus more and more for yourself.

I can honestly say that I am who I am today because of Jesus and my intentional decisions that I make daily to spend time with him and to get to know him more and more for myself. The bonus to all of this is that I actually get to do life with like-minded people who enjoy studying the word of God as well and leveling up in life.

Listed below are the links to some of my favorite go-to books that have brought value and so much insight to my life:

Creative Journal Devotional Bible:

The Circle Maker: Praying Circles around your biggest dreams and greatest fears by Mark Batterson:

The IF in Life by Rashad Jennings:

The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks:

Fervent by Priscilla Shirer:

Switch on Your Brain by Dr. Caroline Leaf:

Switch on Your Brain Everyday 365 by Dr. Caroline Leaf:

Click the links if you are ready to add value to your life by reading these gems. I will be adding more books later but these are my top choices right now. Trust me, you will NOT be disappointed at all!!

Leave your favorite books below in the comments so I can check them out as well!!



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