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5 Years Later… January 15th CELEBRATION

The beautiful part is that they all worked out exactly the way that they were supposed to.

Well, what can I say about this very significant day? If you have been following me for a while, you know that I set out on a huge faith walk journey with God back on January 15, 2018, to Brooklyn, New York. Before me moving there, let’s just say that the only awareness or somewhat knowledge of Brooklyn was from movies. We all know that movies are created with an exaggeration/fairytale component or an extremely removed sense of reality.

As I sit here on the eve of my 5 year anniversary, soooooooo many memories are replaying in my head. Some great memories and some not so great. The beautiful part is that they all worked out exactly the way that they were supposed to. God created those encounters to help me along the way on my becoming journey.

I just launched my YouTube channel and have decided to do more videos and share my journey more in-depth with my BTP (Becoming T.H.A.T. Person) Tribe. Make sure you go over and subscribe TODAY!!! I hope that you enjoy the video and feel free to comment your takeaways.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program… I had NO IDEA that last January 15th, 2022 would be my last New York anniversary. Fast-forward to 7 months later, God led me to move back to Houston unexpectedly. I didn’t see this one coming at first. However, later on, as I sat in the answer that he confirmed to me, I began to remember the dreams that he showed me sometime in May of 2018. The story played out exactly the way that I was shown in certain situations. I was thrown a lot of curveballs and blindsided a lot of times, all of which eventually led me to where I am now. I wouldn’t change a single thing, even the heart-aching moments. I am learning more and more to surrender my plans, thoughts, emotions, and desires to God so that he can replace them with his best.

When I originally asked God why January 15th and why are you having me move 1,500+ miles away from everyone and everything that I know and placing me in a completely new territory that I had never been to. His answer was “Candyce, there are people who need to meet you, so they can meet me.” That left me with such a confused look and outlook to what that meant. When I asked again, he replied with the same message. He was very intentional about limiting his words with me because he knew that I would respond with action steps to actually see what he meant by that. Boy oh boy did he reveal to me what he meant by that. I will dive deeper into that on my YouTube channel, so make sure you head on over to subscribe 💜🌻🖤 click the link 👈🏾👈🏾

5 years ago on January 15th, it was Martin Luther King day which was extremely pivotal and played a huge role in the messages that God gave me. Historically, MLK is known for being the greatest leaders who challenged systematic beliefs, racial division, challenging people to shift their mindsets and to dream of greater than what they were currently experiencing, just to name a few. God was inviting me on a journey to begin to dream again and to step out on the waters in order to become who he created me to be.

My journey stretched me to start dreaming again all while God began to perform open-heart surgery on me to remove the areas in my life that were killing/blocking me from walking into my calling. There were so many areas that I had to unlearn and learn along my journey and I can say that I appreciate the removing of them now. I fought God on so many areas that I thought made me who I was which were very comfortable, in hindsight they were destiny killers/generational curses that wanted me to die or stay stagnant in my faith along with others who were around me.

I chose to fight and break those curses off of myself and the people who God has assigned to me. This included so much warfare, separation, and discord all around me. When those moments first began, I didn’t understand why and what God was trying to show me. I felt like he was punishing me or that I hadn’t heard him correctly. At the beginning of the separation/isolation season, I had moments that almost led me back into my dark season of life that I was swallowed up into back in 2011. Many suicidal thoughts, being misunderstood, being taken advantage of by people who I thought loved me, not seeing the light at the end of the tunnel, God being silent at times, and nonstop questions like “Why are you doing this to me again, God?”

I thank God that the tools that he provided for me along the way, I chose to pull them out of my super cute leopard toolbelt. This allowed me to work on those areas that resurfaced all those years later and to work through them to come out even stronger. That is one way to start your journey of becoming. I’ll make a video explaining what these tools are for me and how you can prepare your personalized tool belt.

Back to the significance of MLK day “I have a Dream.” God was using this leg of my journey to share his dream with me that he designed for me before the world began. Moving to New York was a part of his major dream for me in order to do a greater work in me which he had started already. This is one of my heart scriptures that I have held onto for the past few years.

I am convinced and confident of this very thing, that He who has begun a good work in you will [continue to] perfect and complete it until the day of Christ Jesus [the time of His return] Philippians 1:6AMP

This is your reminder to let God into your heart in order for him to reveal His Dream to you. I had no idea that moving so many times, every 4 years to be exact would be a part of the dream that God had for me. I wouldn’t change a single thing about my journey because it has led me to this exact moment in my life.

I am back in Houston, starting a new and exciting journey with God and so many new people that he has connected me to. Make sure you subscribe to my blog and YouTube channel. Stay tuned Tribees 💜🌻🖤

Until next time… WATCH GOD HAPPEN!!!

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